Deva Vidya

Policy of Council for Applied Siddha

The Council for Applied Siddha is the non-profit organization founded to develop creative and workable solutions to Siddha healthcare system.

Our Policies are -

  • To establish, Training centers, Research and Development Centers, which are necessary for the development of Siddha Medicine, Marma and Yoga.
  • To establish and maintain Siddha Hospitals and Wellness Centres
  • To conduct study classes for carrying out industry and agriculture in a scientific manner and scientific education and to run research institution
  • To establish employment supports with a view to seek self-employment to those people who are unemployed and to create employment potential to the society
  • To advance the scientific study and professional practice of Siddha medicines and to enhance the contribution of Siddha medicines by encouraging its development by promoting research and setting high standards of professional ethics, competence, conduct, education, qualification and achievement amongst practitioners promoting the dissemination of knowledge and thought about Siddha medicines through training, educational courses, refresher courses, meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops, reports, papers, discussions, excursions, debates, exhibitions, camps, publications, professional contacts etc. with wide interest and inquiry into Siddha medicines and all related areas of knowledge and practice.
  • To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold and safeguard the interests of alternative systems of medicine and other allied subjects.
  • One of the biggest stresses facing families today is the cost of medical care, particularly for progressive, life-limiting illness. Physicians and Wellness Consultants who are specially trained in pain and symptom management to make routine and emergency visits to the patient as needed.
  • Promote the siddha science in front of the global audience through Siddha Tourism Promotion Committee. Siddha Tourism Promotion Committee [STPC] is the tourism arm of Council for Applied Siddha.

Siddha the Sage of Tradition, is a philosophy that covers every secrets behind body, health and life. Siddha also works on levels other than the physical, and this is where it differs most radically from Western medicine. It is part of a world - view that accepts the existence of unseen, both as part of a human being and as external energies that can affect us.