Deva Vidya


Council for Applied Siddha (CAS) understands the importance of staying up-to-date on Siddha medical industry standards and practices, and trying on a best effort basis to ensure that all empanelled medical practitioners adhere to the same.

For this purpose we have an advisory panel that includes Siddha Medical Practitioners, Traditional experts, renowned administrators, and social workers. They have laid down strict guidelines and standards for empanelment of Medical Practitioners and are actively involved in making decisions about our network.

Our credentialing committee must give approval for all medical practitioners who join our network. This gives our members confidence when choosing an CAS empanelled medical practitioner because they can rest assured that only quality medical practitioners are accepted into the network.

A Siddha Medical Practitioner will be assessed every year to maintain the quality benchmark. Our strict credentialing policy gives CAS Members peace of mind when they are choosing an CAS empanelled medical practitioner

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