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AMIS Fellowship Qualification

The AMIS Qualification is an integrated training and assessment system run by the Council for Applied Siddha Practitioners. It aims to demonstrate excellence in the provision of Siddha Practice. While the AMIS was originally an optional qualification, it has more recently become mandatory for newly qualifying Siddha Physicians

Training and assessment comprises three components, which cover the Siddha practice specialty training curriculum.

  • The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) is a oral examination based assessment that tests the knowledge base underpinning Siddha practice in India. It covers clinical medicine, critical appraisal/evidence-based clinical practice and health informatics/administrative issues.
  • The Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) assesses a doctor's ability to integrate and apply clinical, professional, communication and practical skills to general practice. It simulates patient consultations based on scenarios drawn from general practice. Each consultation is marked by a different assessor, and the role of the patient is taken by a trained role-player.
  • The Workplace-Based Assessment (WPBA) evaluates a doctor's performance over time in the twelve professional competence areas that make up "Being a Siddha Practitioner". This assessment takes place in the workplace throughout a Siddha's training.

Interim Membership by Assessment of Performance (iMAP) is the alternative route to membership. It enables established Siddha Practitioners, who cannot take the Council's AMIS exam, to gain membership though submission of a portfolio of evidence and oral examination. This route will be available to new applicants until March 2012.

A Siddha Medical Practitioner will be assessed every year to maintain the quality benchmark. Our strict credentialing policy gives CAS Members peace of mind when they are choosing an CAS empanelled medical practitioner

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