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Deva Vidya a science of life & beauty is a philosophy that covers every aspect of being: health, food spirit, occupation, defense and relationship

Deva Vidya teach how to live in the harmony with your inner self and with the world around you.

Welcome to Council for Applied Siddha

The Siddha System of medicine is the oldest traditional treatment system generated from Dravidian culture. The Siddha which flourished in the period of Indus Valley Civilization. Legend says Siddha is one of the oldest medical system which has deep knowledge in all types of deceases.

The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi which means an object to be attained perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddha focused to "Ashtamahasiddhi" that is the eight supernatural power. Those who attained or achieved the above said powers are known as Siddhars. There were 18 important siddhars in olden days and they developed this system of medicine. Hence, it is called Siddha Medicine.

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News & Events

  • Siddha Detoxification

    Everyone needs to detox, fortunately, the human body has a strong tendency...

  • Kayakalpa Therapy

    Deva Vidya blends traditional "Kayakalpa drugs" with ...

  • Varma Vidya

    Any injury occurs in the Varmam Points, then we will have loss...

Siddha Healing

"Siddha Medicine" means medicine that is perfect. Siddha Medicine revitalizes and rejuvenates the organs, the dysfunction of which is causing the disease. This brings back normal functioning of the organs.

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Siddha Training

The Siddhars wrote their knowledge in palm leaf manuscripts. It is believed that some families may possess more fragments, but keep them solely for their own use.Deva Vidya conduct Traditional Gurukula...

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